This is how we cooperated with Onriva

With Onriva, the promise of slashing travel expenses by up to 20% became a reality. It boasts the most comprehensive travel platform, unparalleled support, and the convenience of booking directly with your preferred travel brands.
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A Collaborative Process to Design a Brand New Onriva Website

Onriva is a business travel platform that guarantees savings. With Onriva, you can reduce travel spending by up to 20%. The California-based company offers the most extensive travel platform, unrivaled support, and the ability to book your favorite travel brands directly. With Onriva, everyone in your company wins!

How did our partnership start? We were approached by Adam Meron, a Senior Marketing Leader at Onriva, to provide design expertise. The rest is history, nicely explained below.


At the beginning of our partnership, we worked with the Onriva team on designs for one-pagers, social media assets, and landing pages. We were a bit constrained by the then-current branding of Onriva.

After a couple of months of design iterations, we encouraged Adam and his team to shy away from the website designs that left much to be desired and didn’t give their 

product justice.


With a green light to rebrand Onriva and design its website anew, we began a long, collaborative process to arrive at the best possible outcome.

With each passing month, the project got increasingly more complex. Thanks to Miro, we quickly adapted to new changes and worked together on a single point of reference.

The newly designed website features over 80 landing pages (sic!), advanced animations created in Rive, new iconography, dedicated graphics, and hand-picked selections of photos. The iterative and collaborative process ensured all the designs were up to snuff.

While we were primarily focused on delivering the designs for the website, we’ve 

also did dev consulting. We worked with Onriva’s internal development team and suggested the best tooling for the job.