This is how we joined forces with Mondee

Dive into our journey, from striking visuals and creating animated explainer videos to navigating unexpected twists like mid-project rebranding adjustments.
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Explaining the future of travel

For over 10 years, Mondee has been disrupting the travel industry with technology products shaping how we manage travel. The Mondee Marketplace is the core of Mondee’s offering. Available both as an app and through the web, the company’s platform processes over 50 million daily searches and generates a substantial transactional volume annually. Mondee Marketplace includes access to Abhi, the most powerful and only fully-integrated A.I. travel planning assistant in the market. Travel agents, travel experts, and influencers can leverage exclusive deals while organizations benefit from cost-effective and easy-to-manage travel perks.

We partnered with Mondee in 2020, acting as a dedicated digital team. Together, we worked on animated videos, but also website redesign, marketing copy, and UX/UI consultancy.


It all started with the redesigning of the Mondee website. Together with MamaStudio (a visual communication company), we proposed a new visual identification of Mondee.

For Mondee, the time was of the essence. Working closely with the client, we were able to deliver the new website in only a month! The new design featured a couple of technological challenges as well. Our engineers and designers could show their skills animating a line that reacts to scrolling to imitate a waving ribbon.

Next, we were tasked by Mondee to create an explainer video showcasing how the Mondee Marketplace works and build a new page dedicated to the platform. However, in the following months, Mondee expanded the project scope, and we, as a company, grew with it.

Another curveball thrown was Mondee’s rebranding (performed by a US-based company), which happened mid-project. However, as with any other challenge, we managed to overcome it successfully.


Mondee is a publicly traded company (MOND), which means any changes to its public perception can be reflected on the market. That’s why we needed to approach each step of creating an animated video with utmost care and attention to detail.

All in all, we delivered three animated videos. The general explainer video presented everything that Mondee Marketplace has to offer. The other two showcased the platform’s capabilities from the perspective of Travel Experts and Organizations, walking users through the platform.

Additionally, all the animations needed to be redesigned after Mondee’s rebranding. Careful planning and a couple of interactions later, the videos again saw the light of day in their newly branded glory!

The animations were produced by an experienced team consisting of a scriptwriter, UI and motion designers, and a project manager. Thanks to tight-knit cooperation with the client, including daily meetings, we were always on the same page, ensuring each iteration brought the vision closer to the final product.